Why Books?

This blog post was originally published 12/14/2016, and I think it sets a good tone for these reviews.   I've been reading since age two, and have always loved it. I read a book or more a day. In kindergarten, I read the most books of anyone in our grade. From there, I just continued … Continue reading Why Books?

Generation One

Author: Pittacus Lore Title: Generation One Genre: YA fiction, science fiction IBSN: 9780062493743 Liked: MORE LORE WRITING! I avidly watched the I Am Number Four series grow larger in my middle school's library, and one of my two Google Plus book posts is me virtually screaming about the Fate of Ten book. the other was a … Continue reading Generation One

Genius trilogy, books 1 and 2

Author: Leopoldo Gout Title: Genius, Genius: the game Genre: YA fiction, action and adventure fiction. IBSN: book 1 9781250045812  book 2 9781250045829 Trying something more streamlined than the "liked, disliked, et cetera." Here's just what I thought about the book. First book grabbed my attention in a middle school library. It seemed harmless, maybe a … Continue reading Genius trilogy, books 1 and 2


Author: Cecelia Ahern Title: Flawed: A Novel Genre: dystopia, YA Fiction, romance?? IBSN: 9781250104311 Liked: Interesting concept. Weird execution. Definitely showed historical hints of "this is what we did in American history in segregating people," but the school setting never had any kind of history class. Media oppression stuff was cool, too, but it still … Continue reading Flawed

Vitro Series

Author: Jessica Khoury Title: Vitro, Origin Genre: YA Sci Fi, fiction IBSN Vitro's: 9781595146069 Origin's: 9781595145963 Liked: I accidentally read Origin before Vitro, and I liked Origin's concept much more. It was more optimistic, and the romance was tolerable. Vitro seemed a lot less thought out, but I actually enjoyed reading the two in this order. One … Continue reading Vitro Series

Six of Crows

Author: Leigh Bardugo Title: Six of Crows Genre: YA Fiction, Fantasy IBSN: 9781250076960 Liked: Fantasy worldbuilding was perfect! Each culture has a unique opinion and lifestyle. I have so many opinions now! The characters all have unique motivations. It's one of the few books I've read to successfully tackle more than one narration perspective well. … Continue reading Six of Crows

The Belles

Author: Dhonielle Clayton Title: The Belles Genre: YA fantasy IBSN: 9781484728499 Liked: Cute worldbuilding! Interesting culture. I liked the way everything was beautified. It felt like a fairytale-- there's a price to pay for beauty! and it hurts. Disliked: The book had some really weird plot devices, and the belles are shocked to find Social Injustice! … Continue reading The Belles

The Accident Season

Author: Moïra Fowley-Doyle Title: The Accident Season Genre: Realistic fiction, YA IBSN: 9780147517326 Liked: The perspective of this book was exciting. It had reality, imagery, and a timeless atmosphere. Also, her seeing another version of herself and her friends was really cool. Disliked: The shifts happen really suddenly. Also, family relationships are quite strange. Etc: … Continue reading The Accident Season

Gilded Cage

Author: Vic James Title: Gilded Cage Genre: fiction, dystopia IBSN: 9780425284179 Liked: really well built world, good foreshadowing, and I could figure out the twists if I contemplated them. First major twist with the hound totally got me unprepared! I'm curious if Britain censors this book anywhere. Disliked: First 150 pages were less dramatic than … Continue reading Gilded Cage

Double Feature

Two books. More might come soon. I read a lot today! Warning: spoilers galore. Author: Jennifer Mathieu Title: The Truth About Alice Genre: YA Fiction (realistic?) ISBN: 9781596439092 Liked: Well thought-out narration, independent characters. Good pace of plot line, definitely read like an adult book more than a youth book. I liked Kurt a lot, … Continue reading Double Feature